Today's results are last quarter's activities - manage what you can measure

What Sales Reps are Thinking

I can see what the top performers have sold but I don't know what they did

How many opportunities do I need to find every month to hit my sales goal

I should have been working on pipeline more consistently

I'm not at or near the top of the sales leader board, am I going to lose my job

I wish my manager could help me improve in the areas I'm struggling

What Sales Managers are Thinking

I'd like to understand what my reps are actually doing everyday

I'd like to know what activities are working so I can have the team focus on those

I'd like to be able to individually coach my reps but I don't where they're struggling

We're going to miss our number, we needed more pipeline work months ago

I'd like to have a specific plan of activities for new reps

Sound Familiar?

Productivity Problem by the Numbers

40% of Reps Aren't Making Quota

  • 5% of sales people are "elites" who are GREAT at selling 

  • 20% are doing well but could do better 

  • 75% are struggling or failing  

Only 17% of Companies Manage Activities to Measure Performance

  • CRM tracks opportunities through a sales process

  • Minimal (if any) meaningful activity insights

  • Difficult to track leading indicators that work

40%+ of Reps Take 10 Months or Longer to Become Productive

  • Lack of clarity for new reps as to what works

  • Too much trial and error

50% of Sales Time is Wasted on Unproductive Prospecting

  • Lack of visibility as to what is working

  • Top reps keep information to themselves

The BlueZone Solution

BlueZone Delivers Plans That Produce Results - Sales Reps Are...

  • 42% more likely to achieve goals by writing them down

  • 78% more likely to hit goals when sharing progress with peers

  • 50% more likely to be Top 25% when they review goals each month


BlueZone Tracks Activities and Conversion Rates - Know What Works

  • Converts goals into a personalized activity plan

  • Plan includes activity types/counts/goals

  • CRM integration provides actual counts

  • Activity reports show what activities are producing opportunities


BlueZone Provides Team/Role Templates of Best Practice Activities

  • Create plan templates for new reps detailing what works

  • Eliminates reps having to spend time figuring it out

BlueZone Provides Activity Conversion Insights

  • Track activities, counts, and conversion rate to opportunity

  • Understand activities that are producing results

Discover how BlueZone can work for your company.

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