Football Players
Dream It... Plan It... Win!
BlueZone transforms individual athlete performance through goal setting and accountability to drive dramatic new levels of individual and team success

Set Team and Athlete Goals

Team Goals Drive Individual Goals

BlueZone provides the framework to set team goals that are challenging and visible so each athlete will see how they contribute to the team’s success. Each athlete can also set their personal goals specific to their individual aspirations that will help them increase their skills and abilities.

Break Your Goal Into Objectives

Think about the categories of tasks that align to each athlete’s goals. Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, Endurance, Position Skills, Nutrition, etc.

Define Personal Development Objectives

Not all objectives are specifically related to on-the-field performance. BlueZone also helps define and track other types of objectives such as academics and community involvement.

Set Team & Athlete Goals

Build Your Action Plan

Start & Track Your Day

Be Inspired

& Motivated


Every great accomplishment begins with a dream and the boldness to create a plan to achieve it.


BlueZone’s easy-to-use, web-based app allows coaches to not only provide personalized training and development plans, but also to build team and individual culture and accountability, and to inspire confident, tough-minded, fearless competitors who strive for excellence. Here's how it works:

By encouraging intentional actions, individuals can invest in reaching their goals every day, empowering team connectivity, and creating extraordinary team cultures.

See BlueZone in Action

Build Your Action Plan

Define the Specific Activities That Map to Each Objective

Training and preparation can differ from athlete to athlete.  Define the activities and the schedule each athlete will commit to execute, and your athletes will know exactly what they need to do every day.

Provide Performance Metrics for Activities

Each activity needs to be completed in sufficient frequency and with the proper level of intensity and precision.   


Start & Track Your Day 

Review Your BlueZone Dashboard

BlueZone provides each athlete a daily dashboard showing their scheduled activities along with their corresponding daily quantity targets for each of them. Each athlete has a focused, clear plan.

See Meaningful Progress Everyday to Your Goal

BlueZone aggregates an athlete’s daily quantity targets to arrive at an overall point target for their day (BlueZone Score).  By hitting their BlueZone Score, athletes can win every day.

Know Where to Improve

BlueZone allows athletes and their coaches to review progress toward their goals in real time.  The sooner they identify under-performance, the sooner they can make adjustments to their plans. Visibility of team leaderboards shows what top performers are doing so teammates can emulate their behavior.


Be Inspired & Motivated

Planning Creates Confidence

Goals without a plan are just dreams. Charting a clear path to achieving your goals inspires new levels of performance.

Friendly Competition Inspires Action

Using BlueZone, athletes record their daily activities so teammates, coaches, and trainers can see results. BlueZone ultimately serves as a reward by reinforcing hard work when athletes are improving and provides reminders to work harder when they are not. Allowing teammates to view each player’s goals and their progress toward achieving them creates an additional level of accountability, helping coaches motivate and inspire their teams.

Team Community

BlueZone helps players maintain a level of connectedness with their teammates and their coaches - particularly during the offseason. Messaging technology can be used to share news, insights, and knowledge and facilitate communication between team members. Daily player activity summaries provide peer motivation to complement motivation provided by coaches.


Discover how BlueZone can inspire new levels of performance for your athletes.

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