BlueZone transforms goals into action and drives dramatic sales increases

Set Goals & Objectives

Set Your Overall Sales Goals

The process of creating a plan causes a sales person to take ownership of their business and drives big-picture creative thinking. Dream big - beyond your quota and review your plan regularly so you can adjust course if necessary.  

Break Your Goal Into Objectives

Think next about where your sales will come from.  What % from new customers, what % from existing customers. In BlueZone these become objectives and they're mapped directly to your opportunity types in your CRM system.

Define Personal & Professional Development Objectives

Not all objectives are specifically sales generating. BlueZone also lets you define and track other types of objectives such as professional development, personal development, and sales skill building.

Build Your Action Plan

Provide Objective Inputs

For each sales generating objective, BlueZone uses various inputs such as average deal size, sales stage conversion rates, and more to generate how many opportunities are required to meet your sales goal.

Choose the Selling Activities That Map to Each Objective

Selling behavior differs from sales person to sales person. Some reps are more relational, others are more transactional. Choose the activities you are committing to execute that match your selling behavior. 

Apply Conversion Rates for Selling Activities

There are different conversion rates for different activities. It may require more prospecting calls to generate an opportunity than a social media connection.

Start & Track Your Day 

Review Your BlueZone Dashboard

BlueZone will provide a daily dashboard of the activities and corresponding goals required to complete the day.

See Meaningful Progress Everyday to Your Sales Goal

BlueZone translates your activities (using each activity conversion rate) into points. BlueZone then calculates an overall point target for your day (BlueZone Score).  See wins every day to longer term sales goals.

Know Where to Improve

It is important to review your progress regularly toward your plan.  The sooner you can identify under performance the sooner you can adjust.  Review team leaderboards, know what top performers are doing, and emulate their behavior.

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Be Inspired & Motivated

Planning Creates Confidence

Goals without a plan are just dreams. Seeing a clear path to your sales goal inspires new levels of performance.

Friendly Competition Inspires Action

We all can't be our only source of motivation. Being able to see the activities and results of teammates provides extra motivation to do more. 

Mind your Motivation

As you move towards achieving your goals, it's always a good idea to remember your underlying motivation. Whether it's to support your family, stay accountable to your team, or to buy that fancy new car, remembering your "why" will motivate you to keep going.

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