Live Your Life in the BlueZone

Our Vision

To inspire and empower the human spirit to achieve its full potential - one person, one plan, one dream at a time

Our Core Values

To be of exceptional SERVICE to our employees, customers, community, and shareholders








unquestionable reliability

never settle for ordinary

embrace change

forward thinking

trustworthy, humble & honoring

to each other & our community

inspire, elevate & celebrate

​Our Mission

Deliver world-class software that inspires teams to extraordinary productivity, and transformation from a mindset of Fear & Scarcity to one of Trust and Abundance


The vision for BlueZone Systems began August 2016.  In our careers, we both had experienced a variety of companies, leaders, cultures, company missions, and purpose.  


Danielle, over her career, had extensive background successfully leading and restructuring companies in a variety of industries and financial and economic conditions.  These experiences cultivated in her a passion and expertise for building workplaces with strong cultures of empowerment, respect, and fun, and creating company organization and strategy that yield strong financial returns.  She’d experienced the seemingly miraculous results that occur when teams are shown respect and empowered, expectations are clear and well defined, and a business plan is well structured and strategically delivered.


So, we began to discuss the idea of a company that took the best of what we’d each experienced and combined that with many of our own ideas to create the company we’d always wanted to work for.  After much soul searching we decided it was the right time to start the journey to create that company - one that is fun, honors and respects employees, customers, and gives back to the community, with a vision to make a difference beyond just the bottom line, and a company with a solid business strategy that is financially strong, sustainable, and profitable.   

With Rob's extensive background in sales leadership and sports coaching he’d experienced first hand the characteristics and behaviors that made some people successful and caused others to struggle.  He recognized that ultimately those seeing consistent, sustained success had one thing in common - a plan and the determination and inspiration to follow it.   Setting goals and developing a specific plan that aligns to that goal attainment had a tremendous effect on focus, accountability, inspiration, confidence, and ultimately success.  


So began the mission - to help teams become more successful than they’ve ever been, to create a product that would help teams not just increase wins but ensure that each and every user had that path to confidence, inspiration, and the opportunity to feel successful everyday. This product could not only help individuals become successful in sports and/or professionally, but could also serve as a catalyst to remove the sense of fear that many people live with daily (when they aren't at the top of the leaderboard), and replace that fear with a sense of control over their destiny, clarity, a roadmap to achieve their goals, and ultimately a shift from the fairly typical mindset of fear and scarcity to one of trust and abundance - what we like to refer to as “Living Your Life in the BlueZone”.

From there... what started as a dream became a reality at our kitchen table in 2019, and thus began an incredible adventure that has brought together old friends, new friends, incredible talent, generous investors, trusted advisors, and more …. all to bring this vision of BlueZone Systems to life...  The future is yet to be written and we hope you'll join us for the next chapter and experience living your life in the BlueZone!

Rob & Danielle

Leadership Team


Strategy & Operations

Danielle brings 25 years of business leadership / turnaround experience in a variety of industries including software, banking, transportation, oil, media, and non-profit. Danielle is a graduate of Seattle University.



Eric brings 25 years of commercial enterprise software development experience to BlueZone Systems.  Eric has extensive experience managing onshore / offshore development and currently manages BlueZone's product development. Eric is a PhD from the University of Washington.


Customers & Revenue

Rob brings 30 years of experience in enterprise technology.   His expertise in scaling B2B enterprise sales teams was the inspiration for the development of BlueZone Systems. Rob is a graduate of the University of Washington.


Finance & Accounting

Mark brings 30 years of international business experience in the software, insurance brokerage, and seafood industries. He has expertise in financial modeling, strategic planning, risk management, and financial reporting. Mark is a graduate of the University of Utah.

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